Heist Studios | Revolutionary Tights & Shapewear

NEW Coloured Tights

The Fifty, our best-seller, now in mood enhancing colours. Discover the limited edition Ice Blue, Hot Pink, Navy Blue and Charcoal Grey for the ultimate lift this season.

NEW Coloured Tights

The Fifty, our best-seller, now in mood enhancing limited edition colours.

Revolutionary Shapewear.
Looks as good as it feels

Made using innovation from sports and space, our shapewear has revolutionary HeroPanels that work to shape, smooth and slim by mimicking the fascia; your body’s natural support system. They target your waist, taking up to 5cm off in total comfort.

This is shapewear that looks good and feels even better.

  • 5cm off your waist
  • Full-body breathability
  • Seam-free for zero VPL
  • Full posture support
  • Hook & eye for total wearability

The world’s best tights.
So comfortable, you forget
to take them off

By understanding how your body moves we were able to reinvent the humble pair of tights. With our seamless design, adaptive waistband and no gusset in sight, these are the best tights you’ve ever worn.

  • Comfortable: no digging
  • Gravity Defying: no sagging
  • Stay in Place: no rolling
  • Robust: Super stretchy and less laddering

Just like our tights,
but in sock form

Made with the same ultra-high quality yarn as our tights and the same band that made our tights famous, our socks are designed to stay up and keep up with you. Plus they come in a range of colours - a pair for every mood as you’re stepping to the beat of your own drum.

  • Comfortable: no digging
  • Stay in Place: no rolling
  • Fun: we’ve got a colour for every mood

Our Mission

Every woman is different. And yet, our experience of underwear is universal: frustrating.

From suffocatingly-tight shapewear to tights that just won’t stay up, we are being failed by the very garments supposed to support us. And all this from a $110bn industry...

Heist was born with real female bodies in mind. We exist to revolutionise underwear for all women and end the universal disappointment we’ve all grown to expect from the clothes we wear closest to our skin.

Through innovative technology never before used in the category, and our knowledge of the female physiognomy, we are on a mission to create world-first innovations that will change your experience for good.

We’ve invented the tights that literally defy gravity. We’ve created the shapewear that takes 5cm off your waist without a hint of tightness. And this is just the beginning... Welcome to the movement.


100% support guaranteed

We understand that finding underwear that really works for you takes time, which is why our refund and exchange window is now 30 days (subject to T&Cs ). Unsure about your purchase? Contact our Customer Collective team via email (support@heist-studios.com) or live chat (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm GMT). 100% support guaranteed.