Anti-Racism Action Plan

October 2020

We have taken time to understand anti-racism at Heist; where we have failed in the past, what we can do better today and how we can make a meaningful difference in the future.

We believe discrimination against a person based on the colour of their skin is unambiguously wrong. We also acknowledge that Heist operates in a society where Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities face systemic racism. Unless we help to dismantle the system, racial injustice will continue.

We are committed to playing our part in the change that needs to happen - in our business, and in the wider world where we have influence and power. As part of this commitment, we have developed a plan that outlines the ways in which we are actively working on anti-racism.

Thank you to everyone in the team who fed into this plan, who shared brilliant ideas, and took the time and energy to engage with it.

Here are our commitments to anti-racism:


  • Call out any individual act of racism no matter how small or how unintentional.
  • Assess and report progress on our anti-racism plan to our community, our shareholders and our Board of Directors.


  • Continue to invest in anti-racism resources and build a media library of materials for the team to educate themselves.
  • Provide the team with inherent bias training to expose implicit biases and to challenge automatic ways of thinking that lead to discriminatory behaviours.


  • Continue to actively on-board brand partners from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities including but not exclusive to; models, influencers, stylists and photographers.
  • Give up Heist platforms to celebrate and amplify the voices and stories of Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities.


  • Diversify outreach for new candidates by utilising a wider spectrum of job boards, professional networks and referral systems.
  • Establish an “always on” paid internship programme for young people from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities.

These are our first steps in what will be an always-on commitment to anti-racism in our business. We believe that racism has no place in the world.