Heist x Nina Cosford

Nina Cosford

Here at Heist, we’re lucky to work with some of our favourite creatives, and Nina Cosford is most certainly one of them. The Hastings-based artist’s insightful, funny and offbeat illustrations have garnered a cult fanbase, catching the attention of ​​brands including Apple, TATE and HBO (Lena Dunham tapped Nina for GIRLS), – as well as 331k Instagram followers.

The illustrator’s insightful – often hilarious – work hones in on the smaller, lesser-immortalised parts of everyday life, from weird tan lines to ways to wear a beret. It’s these wry observations that make her work so compelling.

Nina’s favourite piece from Heist? “The gravity-defying tights.” The highest compliment coming from the artist behind the viral ‘The Problem with Tights’ illustration. In fact, it was this piece that inspired us to reach out to her. Here, we unveil ‘The Problem with Underwear’ – well, non-Heist underwear, that is – and ask her a few questions about irksome undergarments, people watching and the elusive creative muse.


Hi Nina! What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to underwear?

Saggy tights! And anything that is tight or loose in all the wrong places...

Nina Cosford Problem with tights

How does good underwear make you feel?

Oblivious! If I'm not thinking about what I've got on, it signals it's comfy and natural and therefore lets me get on with my day.

What are your Heist favourites?

The gravity-defying tights.

What are your favourite colours to wear, and are they the same colours in your illustration palette?

Funnily enough, I do often gravitate towards wearing the colours that I use in my work (a lot of red, pale pink and blue etc). A few people have said that I look like my illustrations!

Nina Cosford drawing

We've read you love people watching (and certainly your work is a testament to that!). Where is your favourite place to watch the world go by?

Anywhere serving coffee is bound to be an interesting spot. Also, art galleries and museums....I like observing people observing things.

Where do you have your best creative thoughts?

It can be anytime and anywhere but it's usually in a coffee shop, on a train or at a really inconvenient time when I should be sleeping...

What women inspire you?

Many! And from all corners of the earth and walks of life. It's hard to limit an answer to this question so I'll summarise by saying any woman who makes a point to share her truth and help lift others is setting a great example for us all.

All image credits: @ninacosford

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