Meet the photographer behind The Summer Lights Collection: Serena Brown

London-based photographer, Serena Brown, is the woman behind our Summer Lights Collection. Serena’s work - its warmth and realness - is exactly what we wanted to capture on camera for this new drop. Feels like summer, looks like Summer Lights.

We caught up with Serena to hear more about what influences her work, how she tells stories through her lens, and where she can be found when summer hits the city.

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What made you want to be a photographer, and how would you describe the style of your work in three words?

I love being able to tell stories through my photos and that’s always made me so passionate about being a photographer. I love meeting interesting people and creating vulnerability between me, them and the camera. I’d say my style is authentic and warm, with a real focus on community.

What, or who, influences your work?

I’m always influenced by the people I meet and the community around me the most. Finding ways to share authentic untold stories is always rooted in how you connect with people.

How does your photography inform the way that you interact with people?

It’s always important to be honest with your subject so that the honesty is reciprocated. You want to capture them in the way that they see themselves, especially when you’re an outsider looking in, so I always try to be vulnerable and open to listening.

What are you looking to convey when capturing your subjects?

I’m always trying to give a voice to those stories we don’t hear about, and give people an opportunity to be seen.

Are you always looking for *that* money shot in your everyday interactions?

Not really, I’m more on the lookout for interesting people to learn from and then the camera is secondary to that. I’ll only be able to get a money shot once my subject is open to it.

Best piece of advice you had when starting out behind the lens (that you still swear by)? Shoot everything and anything. I’m still learning every time I shoot something new, and that momentum is what has kept me going through my career so far.

Most memorable project to date, and why?

A personal project I shot last year, called class of COVID-19. It was so close to my heart and so specific to its time, it’ll definitely be something I look back at as I reflect on how weird this year has been.

Someone you’d love to shoot on camera and why?

Michelle Obama, because she’s Michelle Obama and she’s amazing.

What does summer mean to you?

I’m an August baby so summer has always been about celebrations, family and good music.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Shooting in the sun! There’s a very small window where I’m able to take summery photos in this country, so I really try and make the most of it.

You grew up, and currently live, in London - what do you love about this city in the summer? And where can you be found when it gets hot, hot?

I love the mood switch when it’s summer in London, everyone’s just happy and on good vibes. I feel like you just want to go out and rinse it whilst you can. You can probably find me chilling on Primrose Hill listening to music and chatting to random people.

Discover The Summer Lights Collection shoot by Serena here, and check out more of her incredible work via her website and Instagram account @_serenabrown.

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