No-Sweat Summer Shapewear

no sweat shapewear

The beauty of shapewear is that it offers silhouette-sculpting compression to emphasise your natural figure. This makes it an ideal foundation for occasion outfits, or even to make you feel your best on an average day. However, all that is for nought if you’re not comfortable, or if your shapewear makes you feel restricted and overly warm on a humid summer’s day. 

We have therefore put together this guide to easy-to-wear, summer-ready shapewear: the what’s what of moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable fits. 


Shapewear for a sweaty day

Shapewear works by sitting close to your body, hugging your figure and providing a base layer to your outfit. When you’re out and about, especially when the weather is warm, there’s nothing worse than your shapewear trapping sweat on your skin, and wreaking havoc with both your physical comfort and self-confidence. 

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through this. There are shapewear designs available that utilise sweat-wicking fabrics and summer-suitable shapes to keep you cool and comfortable even on hot days.

In this section, we break down what you should be looking for in terms of fabric and fit.

The best breathable fabric for shapewear 

What you should look for in your summer shapewear fabric is something that offers compression without restriction, softness without absorbency, and strength without stiffness. 

Here at Heist, our Shapewear is made from a carefully-engineered combination of soft but durable Polyamide and flexible Elastane, and equipped with HeroPanels™ that mould to your unique shape and give strong, even compression in all the right places. What’s more, we’ve enhanced these HeroPanels™ with 20,000 laser perforations to let your body breathe.

Our Shapewear fabric also offers summer-essential sweat-wicking properties. Moisture-wicking fabrics work by mimicking how your capillaries function, drawing sweat away from the surface of the skin so it can evaporate from the surface of the material itself rather than your skin. This is what minimises odour and leaves you feeling less sweaty and sticky throughout the day.

The best breathable fabric for shapewear

How should your shapewear fit?

If your shapewear doesn’t fit comfortably, it isn’t fulfilling its job. Shapewear should compress in all the right places, without pinching or ‘digging in’ in others. It shouldn’t ride up or fall down, but instead offer a seamless layer that almost blends in with your skin. 

In our Shapewear, we utilise our signature HeroPanels™. These are bonded, laser-perforated shaping panels that act almost like a second skin, offering even and strategically placed compression to sculpt without squeezing. With HeroPanels, your body isn’t ‘trapped’ in a way that sweat would struggle to escape, but enhanced in a way that is breathable, cool and enables a full range of movement.

How should your shapewear fit?

Discover Heist Shapewear… 

As with all our designs, Shapewear at Heist is all about foundationwear that works for you. It aims to support your natural shape and doesn’t compromise on comfort. Explore the range below…



The Highlight Shorts are ultra-lightweight cycle-style shorts that are great for wearing under dresses or skirts for extra comfort. They lift and define the bum, while sculpting your hips, stomach and thighs. 

Shapewear shorts



Our shaping bodysuit — The Outer Body — is all about sculpting support for your waist, stomach and bust. Ideal as a base layer or, if you prefer, as a solo star to show off with high-waist trousers or jeans.

shapewear bodysuit



High-waisted shapewear knickers that are breathable with a flexible waist… The perfect foundation piece for wedding dresses, evening wear or everyday tailoring.

shapewear knickers


Looking for something specific for your big day? Check out our Wedding Shapewear Edit for further advice on foundationwear for underneath bridal outfits or occasion wear.

You can also take our Shapewear Finder quiz to find the right piece for you.

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