V-Day with a Difference

At Heist, we wanted V-Day to be about a cause close to our hearts. So, for each pair of our gusset-free, lady garden-friendly tights sold over Valentine’s, we donated 15% to the Gynaecological Cancer Fund.

From the Netherlands to New Zealand, we saw women everywhere get involved and #loveyourlegsandladygarden. And VIPs took to social, with Chloe Delevingne, Tamara Beckwith, Meg Mathews and Esther Coren voicing their support, along with the stylish Lucy Williams and Kelly Eastwood.

Coverage - Lucy Williams IG - 14.02.18

Why does it matter? Well, each day in the UK alone, 19 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 12 women die of the disease. Not to mention the other female cancers that often go unnoticed until too late.

So, Heist’s donation will directly fund medical research into cancer care at The Royal Marsden, led by the prominent, award-winning oncologist Dr Susana Banerjee.

Dr Banerjee’s team are running an international clinical trial, the first of its kind for gynaecological cancers. The 'ATARI study' will examine the molecular makeup of female cancers with the aim of developing targeted treatments for women.

Initial tests have shown that aggressive gynaecological cancers could be caused by a mutation in the ARID1A gene, so Dr Banerjee is researching drugs that can inhibit the mutation of this gene. If successful, her study into precision medicine could change the treatment of up to 1 in 6 of all women with recurrent gynaecological cancers.

Coverage - Grace Belgravia IG - 15.02.18

But our partnership with Lady Garden doesn’t end here. 90% of patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer at stage one are still alive within five years, so awareness of early symptoms can be literally life changing.

You can help us create a future where all women have the best chance of survival. Show your support on social media by wearing your Heist tights in the Lady Garden signature pose, using #loveyourlegsandladygarden. Get creative with the flower emoji - or a bouquet - and tag @heiststudios and @gynaecancerfund.

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