What even is a bralette?

What even is a bralette?

Everything you need to know about bralettes

Needing help navigating the realm of bust support? We realise it can be difficult to understand the what, which and how to wear of bra choice, and throwing in the increasingly popular additional option of bralettes complicates the matter even further! Fear no more… our experts have answers to all your burning questions about bralettes. From how to find the right fitting bralette and their advantages over bras, to how bralettes can work for larger chests. No taboo(b) will be left unturned.



"What is a bralette? A bralette is a lightweight, non-wired breast support"

So, let’s start at the beginning…

What is a bralette?

A bralette is a lightweight garment designed to support and lift your breasts. Compared to traditional bras, there are fewer components involved in the construction of a bralette and they are usually made without wiring or a hook and eye fastening at the back. However, there is no strict bralette rulebook and there are many styles out there that are considered hybrids of a bralette and bra.

Bras vs bralettes. Bras are more structured and will often have underwriting in the cup


What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

A bra tends to be more structured than a bralette and will often have underwiring in the cup. This means bras tend to offer a higher level of support. However, fans of serious support should definitely NOT rule out bralettes, seriously. Bralettes come in a range of different styles from delicate triangles to higher coverage scoops, all of which promise a different type of lift and support.

Bralette vs. Bra - which is better?

Simply put, bra vs bralette is a matter of choice. Your decision should be steered by whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in. Bras with underwires have a bad reputation for being too restrictive and for digging in… these are the bras that people claim to tear off the minute they get home. But Lab12, our design team, stands by the fact that if you have the right fit, you should be able to wear a bra comfortably. Bralettes, on the other hand, are often dismissed for their lack of chest support. This is an unfair judgement on bralettes, as it is definitely possible to find bralettes that can offer a great level of support… you just need to do your research.

Illustration of breast types and sizes, showing that everyone is different.

Do bralettes work for bigger boobs?

Yes, they can! Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and there is no rule that says bralettes are only for petite chests. Your decision to rock a bralette should be about whether the style, fit and support level suit your preferences and lifestyle. True, on days when you need to be a bit more active, you may feel more secure in a traditional bra. But if you’re lounging in or nighting out, you can absolutely still look and feel confident in a bralette with big boobs. Hot tip: bralettes with thicker straps and reinforced stitching in the cup are great for those looking for a more secure feel.

Tape measure illustration for Heist's bralette sizing guide

Heist Bralette size guide: our hot tips for fitting

1. Triangle cup shapes tend to work better for smaller to medium bust sizes (less risk of spilling out), whereas scoop necklines are a great option for medium to larger busts if you are looking for a good level of coverage. That being said, we don’t believe in outdated fashion rules and clichés, whatever you feel happy and confident in, should determine the decisions you make around underwear as well as comfort and fit.

2. We incorporate dress size in the size chart for all of our bralettes, but as with any brand and any product, it's so important to measure up at home (if possible) before purchasing (if you are really looking for the best fit). Our size guides include bust and under-bust measurements. When measuring with a tape measure, do not measure too tightly or too loosely. It should be snug but comfortably wrapped around you for an accurate measurement.

3. Honest/unemotional measurements combined with body-shape awareness = great fitting bralettes (and all underwear really!). For example, knowing your size and shape will help you choose a bralette shape that is best suited to you.

4. Once you have your bralette you’ll know immediately if you are wearing the right or wrong size if...

Your bust is spilling out and/or underband is digging = too snug

Your cups are gaping and/or under-band too loose = too large

Your bust is securely in the cups and the band fits comfortably around your torso = the ideal fit!

Bralette Shopping Guide

Our bras and bralettes form the ideal foundation to everyday outfits. The Heist Bralette Collection is designed to offer comfortable, sustainable bralette options, whatever your size or style. In the following section, we walk through the benefits of each, to help you work out which is right for you.

Heist's Sheer Triangle Bralette offers light support and high coverage

The Sheer Triangle Bralette - Designed to offer total comfort and light support, the Sheer Triangle Bralette is a soft and light style, especially great for those with a smaller cleavage.

Heist's Eco Lace Bralette offers high support and maximum coverage

The Eco Lace Bralette - With sultry sheer eco mesh and patterned lace, this bralette is a classy combination of sustainable and sexy, great for any size boobs. 


Heist's Invisible Scoop Bralette offers light support and high coverage


The Invisible Scoop Bralette - Ideal for everyday wear, a lightly supportive staple that offers a second-skin feel comfort.

Heist's Sheer Bralette offers maximum support and maximum coverage

The Sheer Bralette - The bralette that does it all! The Sheer Bralette feels great, looks great and offers gentle yet extremely comfortable support.

Heist's Invisible Triangle Bralette offers light support and medium coverage

The Invisible Triangle Bralette - The perfect everyday bralette. Soft, light support in total comfort. So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!


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