...and 9 other things you've always wanted to know about our shapewear.

1. "What's the difference between The Outer Body and The High Waist?"

The Outer Body is a bodysuit, whereas The High Waist is like a regular pair of pants; both styles have exactly the same shaping benefits, as they're enhanced with our signature HeroPanels that take up to 5cm off your waist in total comfort. The one you choose depends entirely on your personal preference.

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2. "How much bust support will I have?"

The Outer Body has thermally moulded cups which will keep you supported, with or without a bra. With The High Waist, you'll want to wear your own bra - or not.

3. "Will I get VPL?"

No. The edges of all our shapewear garments are freecut and bonded, meaning they lie completely flat against your skin.

4. "What happens when I need to go to the bathroom?"

Simple. The Outer Body has an easy-to-use and comfortable crotch fastening. As for The High Waist, just think of it as regular underwear you can pull down.

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5. "Will The Neutrals show under my wedding dress?"

All of our Neutral shades are designed to be totally invisible under lighter clothing, so Brown or Beige will work perfectly for your (or someone else's) wedding day.

6. "Can I wear your shapewear if I'm pregnant?"

In the first trimester, our shapewear can be suitable to wear - although we recommend you don't wear it every day. It's probably one to put in the wardrobe once you're through your first trimester, as your body will start to change significantly. 

Don't forget you can always speak to a member of our Customer Collective if you're unsure.

7. "I have a short/long body. Will The Outer Body work for me?"

You can measure your body loop (see our size chart for details) to make sure you get the size that will work best for you. You can also change the length of The Outer Body to suit you by adjusting the straps and the hook-and-eye fastening.

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8. "How do I put on your shapewear?"

Just step into The Outer Body like you would a regular bodysuit. As for The High Waist, slip it on like regular underwear. With both, you'll find it easier if you cross your legs as you're pulling the garment over your hips.

9. "I received straps with my High Waist - what are they for?"

Surprise - The High Waist comes with detachable and adjustable straps! We made them to give you some extra staying power if you're having a particularly active day. Just hook them into the loops (there are four at the front, and two at the back to choose from) and you can wear them any way you want. If you want to try something a bit different, we recommend a cross-back or one-strap asymmetrical style.

10. "What's the best way to care for my shapewear?"

We recommend washing our shapewear (and all other Heist products) by hand. It protects the integrity of the HeroPanels, and it's more sustainable! But if you're in a rush, a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius works just as well.

And if you're still unsure about anything, we have a stellar Customer Collective who are always happy to help; just drop them an email at collective@heist-studios.com.