We’ve been following Julie Montagu for a while, both because of her awe-inspiring yoga prowess and her work in the media. And she’s just had quite the gig as the BBC’s royal reporter for the wedding everyone’s talking about: the one between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19th May.

For the occasion, Julie reported from Windsor wearing none other than our wedding season essential: The Nude. We spent the day with Julie on set as we shot her wearing Heist for a special HELLO! magazine feature which was published in the UK on 21st May.

In between downward dogs and discussions on wedding guest etiquette, we got a glance into Julie’s schedule and an insight on how she has carved a life for herself in the UK.

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Julie wears The Nude. Photo credit: Gary Morrisroe

The Interview

Julie, we were in awe of your yoga moves at our recent photoshoot. Why did you choose to get into yoga?

After my fourth child was born, I was exhausted both mentally and physically, and I knew I needed to do something fast! So I went to my first Bikram yoga class, and in one day became obsessed with it! From Bikram, I started to then explore other types of yoga and fell madly in love with Vinyasa Flow yoga. And really, once I started on the yoga path, I became obsessed with how much yoga could give me energy, boost my mood and just make me feel better overall. I’m so passionate about yoga and all that it can do for you physically, mentally and spiritually.

When do you feel at your strongest, either mentally or physically?

I feel my strongest physically, mentally, and even emotionally when I’m breathing for my body rather than my body breathing for me, which is what it does all day long!

You made the transatlantic move from America to London. At what moment did you feel that the UK was truly home?

Hmmmm... This question makes my gut feel a bit tingly and weird! And I think it’s because as much as I love the UK and it’s where I live now (and probably for the rest of my life) my home will always be America.

At Heist, we love to see women making progress. Tell us about someone you think is ahead of the game in their field today…

Persia Lawson. Check her out. I wish I had had Persia in my life when I was dating, breaking up, not feeling good about my love life! But she’s here now and my 19 year old daughter can turn to her when she has her heart broken!

What does progress mean to you?

Failing. And learning from your failures, picking up the lessons learned and keeping moving forwards. That is progress.

Tell us about a project you’re currently working on (besides the Royal Wedding)...

I’ve just launched my Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats, a programme I created for everyone who loves yoga as much as I do, but it’s not just about becoming a yoga teacher, or practising yoga. It’s more than that. I wanted to bring everything yoga has taught me to the table with a modern approach. So, my Whole Self is a lifestyle - unleashing the true, authentic you.

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Julie wears The Fifty. Photo credit: Gary Morrisroe

What’s a goal you’ve set yourself?

I have an endless number of goals.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Sailing around the world with my husband.

When faced with a challenge, what keeps you going?

My 4 kids.

Tell us about wearing The Nude… How would you style it for a summer occasion?

Hands down, The Nude is the greatest! It's totally invisible (it's called The Nude for a reason!), so I’d wear it with a short or long skirt, short shorts, a dress – anything! And we know British summers can be temperamental, so I’ll be wearing mine all summer long. Apart from during that one week of summer we do actually get - I’ll be in my bikini then!

How do you feel while wearing Heist?

Unstoppable. And I feel like my legs are looking good, too!

If there was an item of underwear you could change, what would it be?

I hate thongs - can we just get rid of them? I mean really, does anyone think they are comfortable?!

What are your top three tips for being the best wedding guest?

Killer hat (but not obnoxious), the biggest smile, and impeccable manners.

Any predictions for the Royal Wedding? Which British designer is your money on to design the dress?

I’m going with an American! Ralph Lauren. And I’m thinking a Royal tiara will feature, too, as a nod to Meghan’s new British family.

Any tips for Meghan as someone who, like you, has moved from the US to forge a new life in the UK?

Keep the American accent and stay the upbeat, optimist, high energy American that everyone loves.

The Quickfire

When you’re on the move:

…what song gets you motivated?
This Is Me by Keala Settle, from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

…are you an early riser?

…do you go headfirst, or do you work to a plan?

…what do you always have on you?
My ’She needed a hero, so that’s what she became’ bangle.

…how do you feel?

…where’s next?
Windsor Castle.

…who do you Instant Message?
My ‘Family’ group chat - 4 kids and my husband.

…what does your diary look like?
For the week of the wedding - CRAZY!

…on Instagram, who do you scroll to?

…what book do you take?
Recharge by Julie Montagu - I always have a copy in my backpack and give it out to someone I think might need it, whether it’s a taxi driver, flight attendant, or a new mom.

…what or who do you miss?
Corn on the cob (the real deal, I am from Illinois after all) and my mom.

Photo credit: Gary Morrisroe
Styling: Hope Lawrie
Hair and make-up:
Beauty by Tahira