The below is a review by one of our customers: Julia G. from London

I first came across Heist in a really positive Vogue review. I wear tights pretty much every day for work, and they’re a nightmare product: itchy, uncomfortable, frumpy. I was unsure at first (it seemed like a lot of money for tights!) but when I saw Heist’s introductory 15% off offer, I thought: why not? It could hardly get any worse.

Heist are a new luxury British bodywear brand, based in North London. They claim to have made the ‘perfect’ tights, that don’t dig, sag or roll. Big claims. Their tights come in four different deniers. The introductory offer applies to orders of two pairs or more, so I went for The Fifty, their most popular style, and The Thirty, as it’s getting warmer outside. I ordered the high and low waist styles, to try them both out. It cost me £32.

Heist ships worldwide for free, with 1-day shipping here in the UK on orders before 2pm. They also offer a #FirstPairPromise that allows you to change the size or return the tights, if you are in any way unhappy with them. My tights arrived on my doorstep the morning after I ordered them. The tights arrived in a cheerful and characterful box; much nicer than the long disembodied legs I’m used to seeing!

The Thirty

These were super silky, and felt really luxurious. I actually really liked the fit of the Low Waist. It sat a couple of inches below my bellybutton. The waistband is really amazing. It sits on your skin, and really doesn’t dig in – it’s more like wearing yoga pants than wearing tights.

The Fifty 

I ordered the 50 in the High Waist. I was quite excited, as it’s nice to have a little more support around your tummy. And I wasn’t disappointed! Heist tights do a better job than my much-hated Spanx. They’re really supportive, but I don’t feel like my insides are being realigned. No more granny pants for me! They’re really nice and opaque, super soft, and not at all itchy. 10/10!

In conclusion

I’ll admit it: I was sceptical. I’ve always hated tights and I thought they would always be a necessary evil. But I loved these! They were super comfortable; not at all tight around the waist, no itching, and no need to run to the toilet to hitch them up. I’m a total convert.