We started with a mission – to create the perfect pair of tights...

Tights cover more of your body and sit closer to the skin than anything else you wear - so we wanted them to fit and feel perfect. To help us design the tights, we worked with 67 very different women over the course of a year and came up with four key features:


A waistband that moves when you move

Regular waistbands pinch, fall down, dig in, twist, roll. Not ours.

We make ours using a luxury sportswear technique meaning our waistband adapts to your waist,instead of fighting it.

Choose between two heights:

Low, to sit on your hips, or High, to hug your waist.


The softest, stretchiest, sleekest yarn

For once, you'll be itching to get into your tights - it’s all thanks to our super stretchy and super smooth yarn. 5000 spirals of nylon are wound round every inch of elastane (most ordinary tights have about 500 spirals. Heist doesn’t do ordinary).

You won’t want to take them off.


Seamless design (and no gusset)

There’s a reason gusset is one of the most hated words in the English language. And that wiggly, pokey, skin-printing centre seam? Ugly and uncomfortable. The answer was simple – we removed both. Instead, we use a 3D technique to knit a single tube, from toe to toe.

No more tricky seams and no more gusset.


Redesigned from top to toe (seam)

We spent hours wondering why the last part of the tights is always the first to ladder
(not to mention the uncomfortable rubbing)

Our solution – we tucked our toe seam underneath your foot.

Small change, big difference.

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office: Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7QX, United Kingdom