Our Mission

Since 2015, we have been on a mission to support you with foundations that inspire confidence and promote kindness (to each other and the environment).

Our mission was born out of decades of disappointment at sagging tights, suffocating shapewear and digging bras. We were being failed by the very garments supposed to support us.

We decided to change that. We believe that every body is unique and everybody deserves incredible foundations that look and feel good – so we design foundationwear that’s comfortable, supportive and beautiful. By innovating against ignorance and creating against constriction, we believe underwear can be an instrument for progress.

Through an innovative combination of technology from sports and space never before used in our industry, and our scientific knowledge of the body and its form, we create foundationwear world-firsts that will change your underwear experience for good.

We’ve invented game-changing tights that defy gravity. We’ve created high-performance shapewear that smoothes but never restricts. And we never stop in our mission to elevate your everyday.

Welcome to the movement.

The tights that changed everything

The first thing we did was reinvent the humble pair of tights. We studied how they were made and created our own, gamechanging version – complete with our signature, adaptive waistband and seamless design. The result: the best tights you've ever worn that never sag, roll or dig.

Shapewear, Reshaped.

We'd had enough of uncomfortable, restrictive shapewear – so we created our own. Using the same level of technological innovation used in elite sports, our shapewear is comfy and lightweight enough to wear every day. Our HeroPanels™ mould to your unique shape, each perforated with 20,000 laser perforations for supreme breathability.