Fashion imagery doesn’t have to be static, or sexist, or titillating. It can be fun, charismatic and upbeat. That’s why we chose to work with illustrator Isabelle Martin Feliu. Her work is bright, happy and characterful. She shows women of all shapes and sizes expressing bold and confident style.

In the illustration you can see two women moving freely, relaxed and beautiful. It’s exactly how we want our customers to feel when they wear our products. When we think about design, we’re always thinking about how things feel. Great products make you feel great, which makes you look great.

We hope you love these images of our tights as much as we do. Read on to hear a little about Isabelle and her work.

What was the inspiration behind the images you created for Heist?

“I inspired myself from the tights and also from the other Heist campaigns. I loved how the Heist pictures show bodies in movement and different poses. I wanted to do the same with the illustration – as well as give it a summery vibe.”

How do you approach depicting the female form?

“I like to illustrate diversity. I like my girls to look a bit odd and different. I think we are starting to see more and more diversity in fashion in general, whether it is on runways or campaigns, and it is something I would like to be a part of with my illustrations.”

What is your favourite, and least favourite, image of a woman? And why?

“It is hard for me to hold on to any favorites, since there are so many and my tastes keep evolving and changing. I love the women of Matisse, the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo but also the depictions of women from contemporary illustrators like the mysterious gazed women of Kelly Beeman and the funky, pouty ones of Karolina Pawelczyk. I find these artists very inspiring and their depictions very relatable in some way. I can’t think of a least favorite image of a woman, I think every depiction can be at least intriguing, depending on how you look at them.”

Who do you feel has been the biggest influence on your work and why?

“While there is a lot of people who inspire and influence my illustrations, I wouldn’t say that there is one who is my biggest influence. The artists are previously named are definitely some of them. I think many other illustrators that I follow on Instagram are a great influence, since I am often looking at their work and follow their accomplishments. I often inspire myself from them.”

You can check out more of Isabelle’s work here, and take a look at her instagram here.