What's holding you up?

What's holding you up?

What's holding you up?

In celebration of you – and your supporters

Your best friend or business partner. Your mum or your mentor. We all need support, whatever that looks like. It's within easy reach when you need it, and when you don't, it's a comfort to know it's there. A buoying presence, always.

To commemorate the launch of our groundbreaking Contour Bra – which is designed to support you, every day – we invite you to celebrate those who lift you up. Discover the stories of six incredible women – or rather three incredible pairs of women – whose connection offers strength and support in equal measure.

But first, let's delve into some quick details about what makes the Contour Bra such a revolutionary piece of support-wear...

Raise your cup: anatomy of the Contour Bra

Seamless Finish

Moulded cups (made from beautifully breathable stretch mesh and super-soft polyamide) and a high-stretch back panel offer incredible support and a seam-free silhouette.

HeroPanel™ technology:

We incorporated our signature HeroPanel technology, lining the cradle with a bonded, body-moulding panel for enhanced bust support and fit.


Our new, silicone-coated HeroWire™ is superior to traditional underwires. It's strong, lightweight and flexible, following and moulding to your own unique shape, without compromising on support or lift.


Boasting supreme stretch that bounces back, our new HeroTape™ replaces traditional elastic at the neckline edge for a smooth and seamless design.


Our hardware doesn't just look good; each piece, from the adjustable sliders to the centre-back ring works in tandem to evenly distribute the weight of the breasts for the most comfortable, supportive feel, all day long.

Find your perfect fit

The Contour Bra is available in sizes 1-9 and uses the sister sizing method. To find your perfect fit, simply measure your bust and underbust, and use our chart to find the corresponding size, from 1 to 9. (Half an inch over? We recommend you round up to the nearest whole inch.)

Design notes

Game-changing design takes time, which is why we've spent the last three years perfecting the Contour Bra, in which technology corresponds with style. We sat down with Heist's Lead Designer, Jessica Haughton, to talk about the evolution of this revolutionary design.

'Here at Heist, we have always been passionate about studying categories that are broken and designing solution-providing products. First hosiery, then shapewear, then the bra. It’s been on our agenda since day one.'

'We knew we wanted to develop a bra that stood out in the market, that sat proudly aside the game-changing products in its industry. We wanted to reinvent the concept and construction, turn tradition on its head, and challenge what we've been taught about our bras – how they fit, how to put them on and how we navigate size, style and support.'

'The Contour Bra has seen many iterations and fits and has been just over three years in development with many brilliant minds and eyes on the development of the product.'

'It began with intense research into the market, and in-depth discussions with external parties studying the history and evolution of the bra as we know it today. We undertook rigorous testing of the materials and construction, conducting numerous fit sessions and fit testing sessions with Professor John Tyrer. From these findings we created new samples, improving the bra's performance each time.'

'We wanted to borrow codes and conventions from sportswear, while thinking outside the box when it came to traditional bra design and development. We had to develop new components that didn't yet exist, from the moulding of the mesh and polyamide cups, to selecting, testing and trialling silicone underwires as an alternative to metal wires – all while continuously fitting and devising a new size chart.'

'To finally be at a stage where we’re ready to share it with our customers, who have been asking for it for so long, feels like a huge milestone. The reaction we've received so far from the team, our fit models, and everyone who’s tried it on has been so positive and rewarding – and we can't wait to hear what our community thinks! I'm so proud to be able to say that every single element of the bra has been considered and redesigned with purpose, marrying function with beauty.'

It takes two

For our Contour Bra campaign, photographer Britt Lloyd turned her lens on six inspiring women. Meet the pairs who prove that in life, work and everything else, it's always better together.

Kess and Chi, mother and daughter

For singer-songwriter Chi Virgo and her mother, Kess, family is everything. 'I have a really great support system,' Chi tells us, on set in London. The feeling is mutual, says Kess: 'When I'm down, she's there. She'll say 'Mummy, I'm not working today, I'm coming to be with you.'

'We are massive foodies,' says Chi, 'We love going for dinner and cooking.' As well as a love of food, Kess has also passed down some very wise words to her children: 'I tell all my kids, if anything happens that's not too good – think of it as a blessing.'

Rae and Mabli, sisters

'We have a bit of a twin mind,' says model Mabli Elliman, of her sister, Rae Chen. Rae agrees: 'We like to think we're twins separated by 10 years. It's funny seeing the same person go through different stuff.'

The sisters' connection is palpable as they interact on set. 'It's more comfortable shooting together,' says Rae, who's usually behind the scenes in her role as casting director. Mabli continues, 'It's easier for me to be myself in front of the camera when I'm with Rae because I feel the most myself when I'm with her.'

Emma-Louise and Elspeth, best friends and co-founders

Emma-Louise Boynton and Elspeth Merry have been friends since they were 13. 'We met chasing boys in bands in East London,' laughs Emma-Louise. Their paths converged again after graduating from university, co-founding Her Hustlea production agency, with the mission to elevate women's voices – and going on to launch their successful podcast, The Art of Living.

'We are one another's support system,' says Emma-Louise. 'We are best friends, co-founders and then mid-way through lockdown we moved into together.’ Elspeth continues, 'Everyone said it was a bad decision – but it was the best decision we have ever made!'

We ask the dynamic duo when they feel most supported. They reply in unison: 'When we're together.' 'In good bras!' adds Emma-Louise.

Good things come in recyclable packages

We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact, from the lifespan, construction and production of our products to how they're packaged and delivered to you. When you invest in the Contour Bra, it will arrive in our unbranded black box, which is made from 100% recycled paper and can be kept or repurposed however you choose (or, of course, recycled – simply remove the two magnets and disassemble).