I always hated tights. Rips, tears, ladders, runs, sweats, smells, sizing and sagging. My school days were spent hiding in bathrooms hitching them up. After I left school I vowed to never, ever wear them again. And I didn’t.

I first read about Heist tights in Vogue. The perfect pair of tights? Pah. You can’t fool me, I thought – tights are evil, dreadful, unbearable, and they always will be.

And then my friend bought me a pair (it’s like she doesn’t even know me). “They’re fantastic!” she lied. I smiled and took them anyway.

But then she kept asking and asking if I liked them, and finally I had no choice – I would have to try them.

And O. M. G.

I’ll admit it – I was wrong. Tights can be hell – but these tights are heaven.

There’s no itching on the back of your legs, and no sagging down to your knees. They have this amazing waistband that doesn’t dig in at all; they feel more like my yoga pants than a pair of tights.

I can wear skirts again. I can throw out my trouser suits. I can wear tights and do all the things I have to do in a day – run for the bus, sit through a meeting, eat a big lunch, breathe in and out.

I’m a total convert. All I can say is – thank you Heist!!!