At Heist, we believe that anyone can wear our tights, we also acknowledge that different customers may have different concerns when it comes to choosing a pair of tights. So, we teamed up with the bloggers who run Hosiery For Men and ilovehosiery, as well as an avid tights fan to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

For reviews on each specific style of tights, check out the Hosiery For Men and ilovehosiery blogs to help you decide which one to go for.

Are Heist tights suitable for men?
Yes. Heist is all about inclusivity. Our tights are for everyone— whatever gender or body shape.

“Many men are buying Heist tights and appreciate the benefits they provide: great fit, warmth and comfort.”— Hosiery For Men

As a man, are Heist tights designed to fit me?
With the correct size, they should fit just fine. The way our tights are designed means that the hip and waist measurements are the most important to get right, rather than height measurements.

“It is more important to get the waist measurements right.”— ilovehosiery

“Heist tights have no seam in the brief area and this provides additional comfort for men.”— Hosiery For Men

“The exquisite softness and elasticity of the unique Heist fabric should ensure an excellent fit (for the male anatomy) if the correct size is chosen and time is taken to put the tights on correctly and carefully.”— a passionate and committed Heist tight wearer

*Please note that the dress sizes referred to in the Heist sizechart are standard women's sizing. When measuring the waist, do so from the narrowest point.

Which waistband style do I go for?

We offer two waistband styles: The High (available in all sizes) and The Low (available up to UK 14/ US 12/ EU 44). Our High waistband sits above the waistline (the smallest part of the waist), which for some makes for a better fit because it has more give in the brief area.

“The High waistband style will be suitable for many men as it can sit above the waist and hips, and this will be more comfortable for those men who may need more room in these areas.”— Hosiery For Men

“The High waistband is able to ensure that the body section of the tights is better able to stay in place around the male anatomy. Perhaps The High waistband is better for the males. I have no experience of The Low waistband. I certainly know The High waist makes all the difference for the wearing experience and the unique stay up ‘stay in place all day’ fit.”— a passionate and committed Heist tight wearer

“I wear opaque tights with a high waistband because the extra length keeps my tummy and lower back warm against the chilly wind in winter.”— ilovehosiery

I’m 6”4, would Heist tights work for me?
Generally speaking, our tights are suitable for anyone up to 6”4 (193cm), but this does depend on each individual.

How do I put Heist tights on?
Gather the leg fabric together with the waistband, and pull up th tights. No yanking!

“You need to carefully gather the legs starting at the body portion all the way to the toes, then put each leg on, and get the top of each leg perfectly into position in the crotch, then place the body section of the tight so that the bottom of the waistband is gently sitting just above the hip joint and then spread The High waistband.”— a passionate and committed Heist tight wearer

How do Heist tights feel?
Our tights have 5,000 spirals of nylon wrapped around each inch of elastane (that’s ten times the industry average) to create the softest yarn available. So, Heist tights feel comfortable, and look great too.

“The majority of men wear tights because they love how it feels. Men also like wearing tights for warmth and insulation.”— ilovehosiery

“The unique Heist fabric gives an exquisite feel and fit. The Eighty has an incredibly soft and cosy feel and is great to wear for a second-skin layer of cosiness and warmth under slacks or jeans.”— a passionate and committed Heist tight wearer

Which style of tights should I go for?
The Nude and The Thirty are our finest styles, with The Nude being close to invisible. The Fifty and The Eighty are our thicker styles. The Eighty has a legging-like feel.

“The Nude and The Thirty offer extra warmth and comfort on a cooler day. The Fifty and The Eighty are more durable, and are best worn to fight against the cold, at home, outdoor or in the office.”— ilovehosiery

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I have some tips! How can I share them?
We’d love to have your feedback when it comes to choosing, caring and styling your tights. Get in touch with us via twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@heiststudios) or drop our Customer Support team an email:

We look forward to hearing from you.