Sheer? Opaque? SEMI-opaque? Ever wondered what "denier" means when it comes to tights? You're not alone! It’s easy to feel lost, staring at different "denier" options. This term can be confusing, but understanding it is key to finding your perfect pair. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

This quick guide explains what denier means and how it affects your tights. With this knowledge, you'll be choosing with confidence in no time.

What is denier?
Denier refers to the weight of fabric. In tights, a super low denier, like The Fifteen, will be more see-through and often feels thinner. These will be feather-light on your skin and give you a barely-there look, perfect for warmer weather or adding a touch of coverage under breezy dresses. Meanwhile, a higher denier, like The 125 Nano, is heavier and more opaque, concealing your skin completely. Think of it like a hug around your legs, providing warmth and comfort through the colder months. We've named our pieces after their denier, so you can easily decipher the weight and level of visibility through each tight. Remember, higher denier tights are opaque and more durable, while lower denier tights offer a delicate, barely-there feel and more skin visibility.
What is opaque?
Opaques (40+ denier): Perfect for winter! These thick, warm tights conceal everything and keep you toasty, whether you're enjoying snowy adventures or comfortable nights in. Think The Sixty or The Eighty for chilly days and The 125 for arctic expeditions! The higher the denier, the thicker the tights will be, which means they’ll be warmer and much more opaque (i.e. not see-through!).
What is semi-opaque?
Semi-Opaques (30-40 denier): These versatile mid-weights add a touch of color and coverage, ideal for days when you want to show your legs, but still keep warm. Our Semi-Opaque tights are The Thirty-Five.
What is sheer?
Sheers (5-30 denier): Let your legs shine! These lightweight, almost invisible tights are perfect for warmer weather or adding a touch of sophistication to formal wear. Sheers are your spring and summer go-to, perfect for when you don't want to go entirely bare. Our Sheer tights include The Fifteen, The Contour Fifteen, and The Nude.

Top Tip

Want your legs to peek through? Anything below 40 denier will show a hint of skin.

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