A recognition and celebration of our complex bodies, influences everything we do at Heist – to how we think about product design, to the images in our advertising campaigns.

Our #WhateverYou fruit campaign was born from this thinking. We realised that no matter how many body types we might show in our ads, it would always alienate some (or smack of tokenism). And the conversation would always be about appearance. The very thing we were trying to avoid.

So instead of creating traditional images of women as static mannequins, we swapped bodies out for fruit. Using prickly pineapples to show mood and beautifully veined melons to suggest age – we could open up a conversation about age without needing to objectify our grandmothers (we’d rather hurt a melon’s feelings than Nana’s.) It allowed us to talk about form and complexity, without being myopically focused on appearance….

Also, if our tights can take on a pineapple and survive, we figure they’ll last pretty well for you…