What do we mean by revolutionary shapewear?

Aside from the differences you can see and feel, the real revolution in our shapewear design is in what you don’t feel.

Meet our signature HeroPanels™: the bonded, laser-perforated shaping panels that work to give high performance compression whilst leaving you feeling totally comfortable.

When you’re wearing our shapewear, you’ll notice that even though you can feel strong, even compression, you don’t feel an elastic band-style squeeze. Instead, the garment feels like a second skin.

That’s all because of our HeroPanel™ technology, the membrane that sits in between the layers of fabric which mimics your fascia (which is the connective tissue that stabilises your muscles – in other words, your body’s own support system). Essentially, this unique membrane adapts to the shape of the things it comes into contact with; in this case, that’s the natural shape and movement of your own body, which is dictated by the fascia.

By strategically placing HeroPanels in specific anatomical areas, we’re able to make shapewear that slims and sculpts you exactly where you want it, without squeezing you unnecessarily for the results you’re after.

The more you wear the HeroPanels™, the more they relax in response to the shape, movement and temperature of your body. As a result, you end up with shapewear that is moulded to your body, which is why you feel less constricted than if you were to wear traditional shapewear.

We know what you’re thinking: surely a membrane just makes the garment thicker, and so just makes you sweat more?

In fact, it’s the opposite. If you turn your Heist shapewear inside out and take a closer look at the HeroPanels™ in the light, you’ll be able to make out tiny dots. Those dots are some of the 20,000 laser perforations designed to let your body breathe whilst the panels are doing all of this work.

Shapewear with high performance compression, that feels comfortable, that you don’t sweat in, and that looks good? We know it sounds too good to be true. But that’s what innovation and Lab12 is all about.

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