In 2015, an uncomfortable truth and stark reality was uncovered…

All women are unique. And yet, their experience of underwear is universal: disappointing.

Whether hoisting up sagging tights on the tube, cutting off suffocating shapewear at a wedding, or removing a digging bra at the first available opportunity… Women are being failed by the very garments supposed to support them.

So, the Heist mission was born, to design better underwear for women everywhere. By innovating against ignorance and creating against constriction, we believe underwear can be an instrument for progress.

Through an innovative combination of technology from sports and space never before used in the category, and our scientific knowledge of the female form, we create underwear world-firsts that will change every woman’s experience for good.

We’ve invented the tights that defy gravity. We’ve created high performance shapewear that smoothes without a hint of tightness.

And this is just the beginning...

Welcome to the movement.