When it comes to tights, finding the perfect pair can seem far from fairytale-like. However, we’re here to prove it is possible to find the ‘goldilocks’ of tights – not too big, not too small, just right – if you know what to look out for.

From the telltale signs your tights are too big or too small, to our top tips on measuring yourself, we’ve put together the definitive guide to tight sizing to help you find the perfect fit. Happily ever after, guaranteed.

How do you know if your tights are too big?

Think you may have accidentally bought the next size up? We can help you identify the signs.

1. They bunch or feel baggy

Bunching or bagging is never a good look, unless you’re Nora Batty. If there is excess material at the ankle, this is a surefire sign your tights may be too large.

2. They’re always falling down

If the waistband is succumbing to gravity, you may need to size down. There’s nothing worse than having to adjust your tights all day long – trust us.

3. You have to pull them up really high for the gusset to be in the right place

If the waistband is sitting at your chest rather than your waist, your tights are probably too big. Depending on the style, they should be sitting on, or an inch or so above, your naval.


How do you know if your tights are too small?

If you experience any of the following issues, you may need to opt for a size up.

1. They are hard to put on

Feel like you’re in a wrestling match every time you try to get into your tights? They may be on the small side. You should be able to slip them on with relative ease.

2. They dig in around your waist

Your tights should never contort, so if you notice the waistband digging in – or worse still, leaving marks on your skin – you’ll need to size up.

3. Your toes keep poking through!

Keep getting holes where your toes meet your tights? The material may be over-stretching due to the wrong size.

How to work out your perfect tight size

You can work out your perfect size in tights by grabbing your favourite, most comfortable jeans and measuring them at the waist and hip. These are the two most important indicators for finding your true tights size. If you have wider hips, longer legs or prefer a more generous fit, we recommend sizing up.

The Heist Tights Size Guide

Just drop us a line if you are still unsure. Our Customer Care team is here for you.


Heist Tights: Designed to fit you (and not the other way around)

Our tights aren’t like other tights. They’re designed to fit you perfectly and never sag, dig or roll, thanks to the signature, adaptive waistband and seamless design.

The Fifty

In black, our 50-denier tights are a bestseller for a reason. They’re the perfect combination of lightweight and opaque, and super-soft, too; that’s because 5,000 spirals of nylon are wrapped around each inch of elastane (ten times the industry average).

The Nude

Using data science and insights from 100,000 women, we created tights in seven representative shades of nude. Our iconic 15-denier Nude tights are flawless, natural and invisible.


The Polka Dot

Patterned with polka dots, these super-soft, sheer tights make a stylish point – literally. They’re sustainable, too, crafted from recycled yarns. And, of course, they come equipped with our uniquely adaptive, hand-sewn waistband – for the perfect fit.


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