At Heist, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with flowers, but not as normal. We’re using flowers to raise awareness of a cause we care about.

Did you know that 41% of women are too embarrassed to go to a doctor with concerns about their vagina? And 64% are too embarrassed to even say the word ‘vagina’?

We’re not embarrassed to talk about this. Neither is the team at the Gynaecological Cancer Fund. It’s the perfect match for V Day.

So, starting on 14th February 2018, we’re donating 15% from each worldwide sale of our tights for a 48-hour period to the Lady Garden Campaign.

Cara Lady Garden 2


Lady Garden – the conversation-starting campaign of the Gynaecological Cancer Fund – is fearless in getting women to change how they think about caring for the most intimate area of their bodies.

And, just as we ask why the underwear industry is still so backwards, Lady Garden ask why cancer treatment continues to operate as one-size-fits-all.

This is where ground-breaking research comes in, led by Dr Susana Banerjee, a prominent oncologist at The Royal Marsden Hospital. Lady Garden and the Gynaecological Cancer Fund are committed to funding her research into personalised gynaecological cancer treatment by raising £250,000 a year for three years.

Where do we fit in? Well, we didn’t do away with the gusset for nothing! At Heist, we put an understanding of the female body at the heart of our design process - our tights are designed to be seamless and breathable, keeping your “lady garden” comfortable all day.

How can you get involved?

Buy a pair of Heist tights between 14th (00:01 GMT) and 15th February (23:59 GMT) to make a 15% donation to the Gynaecological Cancer Fund.

And, take to Instagram to work the Lady Garden signature pose (in your Heist tights, obviously), and #loveyourlegsandladygarden. Get creative with the flower emoji - or a bouquet - and remember to tag @heiststudios and @gynaecancerfund.

Tamara Beckwith wearing Heist
Tamara Beckwith, co-founder of the Lady Garden Campaign, wearing Heist

Happy V Day. Literally.

~ ~ ~

See the full Terms and Conditions of the partnership here.