Our mission is to provide every woman with underwear that allows her to feel and move exactly as she chooses.

But how do we bring this to life?

Well, we believe that only product innovation will help us change the underwear industry. And to develop products that are radically better, we’ve built a design philosophy rooted in dynamics. (For those that want the low-down, dynamics is the branch of applied maths that studies forces and their effect on motion.)

What is Dynamic Design? And, how does it create revolutionary products?

At its core, Dynamic Design is design for bodies that move.

Unlike the rest of the underwear industry, we don’t think products should be made for static bodies, because we know that in real life, freedom of movement is what makes us feel alive and energised.

Our philosophy has three aspects, each of which inform our work in design, materials and manufacturing.

1. We start by understanding the women who wear our products.

Dynamic Design starts from a belief that underwear should remove constraints, not add them. So, for every product we produce, we work with hundreds of women to gain a deep understanding of what they want from their underwear as they go about their lives.

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We also use the latest technology to create 3D scans of their bodies, and translate them into digital ‘bodies’ (think avatars on a computer screen). This initial stage is crucial, because we’re all different shapes and sizes and carry soft tissues in different parts of our bodies. It’s only when we measure our products against these movements that we can produce underwear that really fits.

2. We enable movement through technical means.

From here, we test how our initial design performs when we add a series of movements to our ‘digital bodies’. We ask ourselves: “does this product do what we want it to do when these bodies are reacting to the pressures of every day movement?”

We’ve built a team of awe-inspiring women with PhDs in material science and computational engineering (we’ll be introducing them soon), who test and iterate our prototypes until we truly believe we have something that is a game-changer.

Finally, we use polymer physics (yep, it’s as scientific as it sounds), and the very latest computer driven knitting technology to manufacture these garments at scale.

3. Our design energises the wearer; it is responsive.

At the core of Dynamic Design is a commitment to never stop trying to improve.

Before the launch of a new product we test and iterate ceaselessly until we’re certain that our finished product will be radically better than what was available before.

But even when we’ve released a product, we don’t stop. Fundamental to our philosophy is the generation of new ideas, so we actively seek feedback from customers, testers and reviewers and share this with our design team who are looking to continuously improve each product we release.

For our first tights design, we completed 15 rounds of sampling to test yarn quality, waistband depth, waistband stretch, seam quality, length and fit, and wash. But we’re deep into the next round of testing of different yarns and stitch structures to see how version 2.0 can take them to the next level.

And we’re working just as passionately on our next product...

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