We exist to redefine fashion and beauty norms because we believe every body is amazing and every body should be celebrated. That’s why in 2019, we launched an initiative to challenge the fashion industry’s damaging and exclusive take on the shade ‘nude.’ We called this initiative The Nude Project and over the course of two years our in-house data scientists worked alongside 100,000 women across the globe to identify new nude shades informed by our collaborators.

At that time we knew that without a data driven approach to skin tone, the fashion industry was failing to provide shades of nudes that accurately reflect women’s needs and this just wasn’t good enough. So for us, technology had to be at the forefront of our plan to challenge preconceived notions of ‘nude.’

Our data scientists identified 1,000 unique skin tones during the course of The Nude Project. Through a data clustering process called Euclidean clustering a new nude palette was created. The results? Seven distinct shades of nude which any of the 100,000 women who participated in the project could accurately match to.

These seven shades of nude devised from our research have already been used to inform one of our best-selling product ranges; The Nude tights collection. Two years later, we launched nude elevated everyday underwear inspired by the research from The Nude Project. Explore your favourite underwear essentials- The Invisible Triangle Bralette, The Invisible Scoop Bralette, The Invisible Brief and The Invisible High Waist Brief in new nude shades 1-7 here.

What next?

We know that changing archaic concepts of beauty and representation within the fashion industry requires collaboration. Meaningful change can only happen if we work together. That’s why following the success of The Nude Project we open sourced our data which mean experts within the sector can access the exact skin tones they need to represent and celebrate their audience.