A powerful partnership

A brand on a mission to accelerate female progress, and a charity that provides women with the tools to succeed.

Smart Works provides high quality interview outfits, styling advice and practical interview training to women in need. When we heard about the concept, we had to head down to their West London office to find out more.

When we arrived, the Heist team were bowled over by the Smart Works dressing room, full of garments from both high street and luxury brands, complete with a fitting facility for trying on different outfits. Elsewhere, volunteers were coaching clients through mock interviews. It’s no wonder that over one in two women Smart Works helps gets the job.

We wanted to do our bit to support the charity and the women they so generously help. So, we took hundreds of pairs of tights and, after packaging them by hand in the Studio, we sent them off to Smart Works HQ.

When Smart Works wrote to tell us that our tights are in action, we were keen to hear from one of their clients about her experience. Here’s what she had to say….

How did you come to know about Smart Works?

I was referred to Smart Works by the Peabody Trust because I needed help with my interview. I’m interviewing for a customer service position with the council, and people I knew had said it was helpful.

Tell us what you thought of the service…

I had a very positive and welcoming reception – they even made me a cup of tea! The team were knowledgeable and caring, and helped me find the right outfit for my interview. Smart Works is the best medicine for people who are nervous.

And finally, what did you think of Heist tights?

The tights are very comfortable and feel soft against my skin. I feel a bit self-conscious about my body but they make me feel more shapely. Heist pulled my outfit together and made it complete. It makes a big difference having good tights.

To find out more, visit www.smartworks.org.uk