Heist set out to transform tights from ‘a necessary evil’ into something that women would love to wear. A year of prototyping later, we had something: an innovative, seamless design that borrows from Italian sportswear to deliver incredible comfort and fit. We knew it was fundamental to our mission to take this revolutionary new design and bring it to market for women wearing size 16 and above, for whom the current hosiery offering is even more unsatisfactory.

As with everything we design, the first step was to understand how women wearing these sizes move. We canvassed 255 real women to find out what they liked and loathed about their current tights, and their stories made us even more determined to deliver a high-performing product and luxurious shopping experience for sizes 16-24.

Unlike other manufacturers, we weren’t content simply to insert an extra panel into our existing design. Scaling up the dimensions of our smaller sizes wouldn’t be good enough, either. So we searched factories around the world to find a 3D knitting machine that could make our innovative, toe-to-toe design in the new sizes. With a state-of-the-art Japanese factory on board, we began a rigorous sampling process, working with fit models of different shapes and sizes to optimise every detail of our tights for these sizes.

We’re excited to say the thorough approach has paid off: many more women will be able to enjoy a seamless pair of tights, in the appropriate length, that won’t slip down or dig in, and move in harmony with the body, whatever its shape or size. All on the same website, in the same luxury packaging.

After all, #EveryBodyMoves.