For many women, ordinary tights can be disappointing. But for those shopping for sizes 16-24, tights are often unwearable. The existing offering is poorly designed, low-quality and often made by inserting an extra panel into a smaller pair of tights.

This makes them uncomfortable around the waist, short on the leg, and prone to constantly slipping down. Beyond the product, the purchasing experience is disappointing too. Women are forced to shop at companies that focus only on size, or they select a size band from high street brands in the hope they’ll fit. A premium product and experience is nowhere to be seen.

We knew since the day we launched that it was fundamental to our mission to bring our revolutionary design to market for women wearing size 16 – 24. This was confirmed when we spoke to 255 women at this year’s Curve Fashion Festival.

Women told us they wanted tights that “stay put” with “no rolling down”, “longer in the body as well as the legs” with an all-round “better fit”. After hearing of women wearing three pairs of knickers outside their existing tights just to hold them up, we became even more determined to make tights that women wearing these would fall in love with.

We’re launching Heist+ on 15th November. In the meantime, stay tuned to find out how we developed our innovative design for sizes 16-24…..