Ahead of launching our Sheer Silhouettes Collection, we collaborated with Tetyana Maryshko, a Heist customer and creative, to photograph each new style remotely from her Dublin home.

Tetyana plays both muse and artist in a series of photos that perfectly capture the mood of the collection: it’s about home comforts and sheer accents that play on light. Think Spring by night.

We asked Tetyana about what it means to be a creative, her everyday uniform and when she feels her most confident. Meet our model and muse:

Name: Tetyana Maryshko
Occupation: I am still figuring it out.
Home is: Dublin, Ireland.

How long have you been a photographer?
I still don’t think of myself as a photographer. Photography for me is my joy and my passion but I have been very lucky to have some of my work recognised commercially which has led to business opportunities.

This project involved being behind, and in front, of the camera lens - how did that feel?
As someone who is far more confident behind the camera, though also used to being in front of it, thankfully I didn’t find shooting in my favourite undies too intimidating and managed to translate that comfort in the images.

What has being a photographer meant for you during lockdown?

I think it has really heightened the importance of it in my life, it has been my mindfulness and my meditation during the pandemic. It also gave way to a personal project I called 12|20 - where I tried to capture the emotions of that moment in the pandemic through photography.

This allowed me to process the anger, frustration, fear, anxiety I was feeling in a moment in a positive way. Strangely it was a very therapeutic process: both creatively and mentally.

Favourite piece from this new Heist collection?
The Bodysuit, hands down. It’s barely there, yet supportive in all the right places, such a versatile piece that I can see myself living in in the future.

What's your everyday uniform? 
I would love to say it’s a collection of considerately chosen interchangeable, beautiful, architectural pieces in my signature black, but, sadly, because of pandemic and reoccurring lockdowns in Ireland it’s been a capsule wardrobe of three pieces: Lululemon leggings, Bon Tot These Are My Working Clothes sweatshirt and my Heist Sheer Bralette. My footwear varies between runners and hiking shoes though, so that adds a bit of a variety!
BC (before coronavirus) it would have been something, anything black, oversized and quite structured.

When do you feel most comfortable and/or confident?
When I’m loved, happy, when the sun is shining, when I get to do things I love, when surrounded by a family and loved ones.
I think I’m the most confident and comfortable in myself in my life right now, at the age of 41.

What are you reading/ watching/ listening to right now?
I’m rewatching House MD, I was late to the party but I am bloody obsessed and as I currently do not have the mental capacity to invest in something new I’m rewatching an old show.

Reading: In The Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado - a hauntingly yet exquisitely written collection of essays - a memoir about an abusive same-sex relationship.

Listening to: The Rabbit Hole - an investigative journalistic piece on the phenomenon of the spiral of radicalisation and the role social media plays in it whilst exploring the societal implications of such a process.

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